If You Would Like Me to Review a Book For You:

Please include the title, what the book is all about, and a review date time period. I do prefer a physical book to read verses a digital copy of a book. However, I have reviewed certain ARC books for authors and book publishing companies via my kindle reader in the past.

My Prefered Book Genre Choices:

Non Fiction, Autobiography, Memoirs

Other Reading Genres Accepted:

Historical,  Romance, YA Books, Fiction

Not Interested in Reviewing:

Self Help
Paranormal/Science Fiction
Children and Middle Grade
Graphic Novels

What To Expect With a Review:

Cover Photo
Publishing Date
Information provided about Author or Publishing Company
My Honest Review
A Rating for the Book
Links to Purchase the Book
Giveaway if Requested

Accepted Reading Formats:

Print Books, ARCS, & Digital Copy

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from yoU.